TOPSOIL - Grade - A - Bagged
  • Grade A Topsoil. (Certified to BS3882:2007 standard)

A formulated blend of topsoil, organic compost and sand.

This Natural Topsoil is the top of our range. It is used by professional landscapers when only the best topsoil will do. Certified to BS3882:2007.

This topsoil is almost completely free of stones and screened to 6mm. Classed as a Rootzone (Grade A). 

Also known as: Superfine Topsoil, Loam topsoil. 


Ideal for: Top dressing, planting, high quality projects, seeding, ground care.


Size: Screened to 6mm


Available: Loose or bagged

One bulk bag is approximately 1 tonne. 

Grade A Topsoil. (Certified to BS3882:2007 standard)

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